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lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

Yeah, time to choose

I'm out on my own again
Face down in the porcelain
Feeling so high but looking so low
Caught in the eye of a hurricane
SLOWLY WAVING GOODBYE like a pageant parade
So sick of this town pulling me down
My mother says I should come back home but
Can't find the way cause THE WAY IS GONE
Is there a light at the end of the road
I'm pushing everyone away
cause I can't feel this anymore
Known the way and still so lost

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[ Je ] dijo...

Of course i had been there, but what seems to be a strange place might be, in fact, be the start point of your journey

wont-likeme dijo...

me encanta tu blog, es el mas linddoo <3.
ame tu slide de jony deeep <3 si qeres :D

Flor dijo...

Humanoide dijo...

saludos marcianos !