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jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

I adore you

Life is like a play but without a rehearsal, So sing, laugh, dance, cry and live in an intense way every moment of your life before the play ends. and before the play finishes without claps.
Hey, hey, smile don't hide from smiling. Show the way you are, without being afraid There is many people that dream with your smile, the way I do Live and try life is more than stupid things. Love love before everything love everything and everybody Don't close your eyes to this dirty world, don't forget starvation but forget the bomb but try to destroy it, even if you don't feel capable of that. Search Search for the good things in everything and everybody don't create a distance because of the shortcomings try to be friendlier if happens. Accept life and people make them all your reason to live Understand, try to comprehend people that think in a different way, don't avoid them. Hey look Look at your back, how many friends have you already make someone happy? or have you made someone suffer with your ego? Hey, don't run why are you hurring up? dash in your way out Dream Don't make someone feel bad and don't make your dream a rush Believe and wait there's always a scape and the stars will always shine Cry and fight do everything you like feel what is inside yourself. Hey, listen what other people has to say, it will be probably important. Go upstairs make every wall a step so you can hug what you want. But don't forget all those who didn't go upstairs in the stair of life. Discover discover inside of yourself what is good and try to be part of the people, I'm going to try. Hey you go in peace, but I need to tell you that I adore you, I adore you because you exist.
Charles Chaplin

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