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miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011

The costume makes the clown

Told you I felt lucky with my humble breasts
Well I don't

Said that I was sure the world was gonna change
Well I'm not
Before I didn't give a damn about what they say
But I do
( "Promised that I'll never ever lie to you" )

So you can help
Taking the make-up off my face
Before I forget my own features

I'm not here to let you down
But the costume makes the clown
It's just lashing out on me
Don't be so hard
Don't be so hard on this
It's your turn now
To cheat on me

Promises I made to you went down the sink
Really hope I haven't harmed your self esteem
I'm not a virgin but I'm not the whore you think
And I don't always smell like strawberries and cream

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