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jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

Love me or Put me down

Is this a long range effort?, 'cause I'll pitch a tent
I'm kinda used to feeling cold
Should I walk naked?. Should I bear my soul?.
Won't you help me fill this hole?
And what I'm trying to say is.. BE THE ONE
LOVE ME ANYWAY, though I'm too far gone.

Come take me over - I'm riddled with my past
Come take me over
- is that too much to ask?
Before I leave this town - LOVE ME OR PUT ME DOWN

Got send me heaven, I wanna fall in love
You said the walking wounded could
I know I've sent my morals to an early grave
Is this the price I have to pay?

What I'm tryin 'a say, if I could touch
The love I fantasize, fantasize too much.

Take me to the shops, tie me up and abuse me
I'm looking good, so how could you refuse me?
See I'm so special, why ain't you cooking for two?

I'll meet your mum, I'll meet your friends
When you comin' down,
I'll love you through the bends
I know I'm special, but why ain't you cooking for two ?

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