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lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

We'll see..

Would you love me if I didn't work out or I didn't change my natural hair ?
I could be the one you want to grow older with, baby
I'll give you all that I got..

See, I don't mean to scare you now and push you away, cause I'm not tryin' to rush anything. 
But when I look into your eyes I'm not scared you'll say, I see little you, I'm in the picture too.

Like a happy family tree. We're together constantly.
This could be eventually. We'll see, we'll see.
But all that I have got to know, is with me baby will you grow;
Through sun and rain and heavy snow.

It's as simple as one and two: I'm in love with you
And three and fourYou're all I adore
To the seven and eightSee I've been making mistakes, cause when you're on my mind I just cant think straight.
Back to the five and six: I'm all in the mix and I'm all into you.
Without the lipstick. Without the L'Oreal. 
You remain the same angel that I fell for
For real, for real.

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